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Hey, we've got it easy this week after last week's rollercoaster of love. Thursday night we have a private retirement party, even though the guy retiring is 40...must be nice...Friday night we're at the EDEN LOUNGE AT HARRAH'S in A.C. We go on at 9pm, so get there early and play the slots, if you get lucky, you can retire at the age of 40, too. Saturday night we're back in BETHLEHEM, PA at MOLLY'S IRISH GRILLE AND SPORTS PUB. That's a lot of name for a pub...Great place, but get there early. We go on at 10pm. They've got great food and pub stuff. If you've got a costume, wear it dammit, it's practically Halloween. Gee, I wonder what the most popular costume will be this year? I'll be going as exhaustion and bewilderment.

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