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What a weekend....! We'd like to thank all that attended Sundays packed house at Baker's Water Street in honor of our friend Kenny. I'd especially like to thank all the amazing performers that showed up to show their love for the guy. We had Lenny Molinari and the guys from Yasgur's Farm, Jason, of course from Undisputed, Jenny from The Benjamins, Henry Robinson from Event Horizon, Doug deHays on sax and flute, Sonny Prewitt on guitar, Billy Hector on guitar, Eddie Jordan on surf guitar, Dr Ricky and Scott Silver on percussion, Schuyler Vandenberg on drums, Kiki from Full Throttle on vocals, Rich the cowboy guy Gulya on fiddle and banjo, and Kenny's daughter Marissa Whitonis on vocals, as well as a few others I've left out. Stretch played a few tunes. This week we have one show on Saturday night at the RED TAIL LODGE in Vernon NJ. Come on out and help sweep this winter away.

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