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Here it is, the end of the summer of 2016. It was our busiest summer ever, for sure, and we want to thank all of our friends/fans who made it amazing for us. Before I go on, let's talk about this week. Wednesday night is our final Wednesday at JOE POPS for the 2016 season. All amazing Wednesday nights they were, all summer long. Thursday night is our last show at JENKS for the season, and we look forward to next summer there, already in the books. Friday night we're playing another amazing wedding (last week's Nacerino wedding was one for the books!) we love weddings, and so far they love us...Saturday night it's the METROPOLIS COUNTRY CLUB in White Plains. Sunday night we're back at JOE POPS for one final go 'round before we say goodbye 'til next summer, and Monday-Labor Day, we're at the Fairmount Country Club in Chatham. Then we take a week off to recover from 76 SHOWS IN 3 MONTHS! The summer gave us great moments together as a band celebrating our 31st year together, for which we thanks our agency for keeping us working hard and our production crew for making it as easy as it could be for the four of us. Thanks to Kevin, our web guy for still doing such great work for us after so many years (about 22 Kevin years, I think). And finally we send out love to the family of Kenny Whitonis, who worked lights for us for at least 14 years, and was taken from us suddenly in the middle of July. We loved him and now miss him so deeply. He was one of the greatest guys we ever knew, and all who new him would agree. His legacy of light hearted joy and musical talent will never be forgotten, and we hope to host a tribute show on his behalf in the fall. We now welcome Mike Beres to the Nerds family, and look forward to working with him. Thank you Mike V, Timmy, Bobby, Vinnie, Mike F, and the Possum for keeping the show on the road. That's enough, now let me enjoy my Harley.

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