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Ah , love is in the air and the Nerds are heavy into Wedding season, we just played an amazing one up in Vermont and we have two of them this weekend, and why not? What do people talk about while they're finishing their cake? They talk about ' I can't believe that SHE would show up to a wedding dressed like that' or 'oh my God, all he did was talk about his surgery during the main course'. Well, with The Nerds onstage, they talk about us and the great time they're having, and how surgery guy should get up and sing Sinatra with us like he does at every barbeque. No anger just LOVE. Now then, This Thursday we're at O'MALLEY'S in Nyack NY. Great bar scene on that strip. Friday and Saturday....LOVE. Then Sunday we're up at the RED TAIL LODGE OCTOBERFEST FESTIVAL!!! We're on at 3pm so come up and enjoy the foliage and The Nerds. Finally, if your entertainment budget for the best wedding ever is under a thousand dollars, I know this guy with a boombox and a singing goat...

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