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This week as we forge ahead through the summer that almost was, we find ourselves in Cape May County this Tuesday evening at the Middle Township Concert series.  It's an early night for families and such scattered across the field of the Ockie Wishing Sports Complex in Rio Grande NJ.  We go on from 6 til 8:30.  Bring a chair and observe social distancing or else Mongo throws a fit...."  you kids keep your frisbee off my time I keep it...".  And that's it for this week.  We just learned that next week's show in Pier Village has been cancelled (no surprise there), but thank goodness for private parties, which brings to mind one of the nicest testimonials we've received.  If you've ever wondered how we do weddings, let this be your guide.


" To the Nerds:

Words can not describe how OUTSTANDING you were at Lindsay's wedding reception at the Boathouse in Central Park, NYC.  It was hard to keep our cell phones charged as we received so many calls all day Sunday and Monday about the reception from guests from Connecticut to Florida, and from as far west as New Mexico.  In every call, your band got great KUDOS.

I had previously seen your OUTSTANDING work at a few Merrill Lynch functions, and you have only gotten better...if that is really possible!

I also really appreciate your inclusion of Lindsay (bride) and me (father of the bride)  on "I saw her standing there".  And having  Matt (groom)  on "cowbells" was perfect involvement for him.

Sorry for the intro on fault...I thought we were going to do AC/DC...but you handled it so well that no one seemed to notice.  And by the time we got to AC/DC...well...the emotions and the champagne had me off my game, but again, you covered it so well.


Not only are you great musicians, but you are great people and your road team is FANTASTIC.

While my career was in Corporate America and Wall Street, I have been involved in music since age 14.  And I can honestly say that I have never seen a better "entertainment band" in my travels across the planet.


I want to thank you so much for giving my daughter "The Time Of Her Life". And to those who would want a recommendation (which I'm sure you no longer need), have them call me personally.

The best, Jim and Judy ####"



Thanks guys.  Jim and Judy occasionally visit us still, at the Jersey Shore.  Great folks!


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